Want To Give The Gift Of Gin Explorer This Christmas?

We have 2 easy ways to send someone a Gin Explorer Box as a Christmas present.

Any new boxes ordered will not arrive until the 16th of January.

Option 1 - Take Out A Limited Time Gift Subscription.

Simply select the "This is a gift" tick box at checkout.

If selected, this subscription will not renew after the period paid for (unless you also tick "Automatically renew this subscription"). This means that if you've only paid for one month, then after one month this subscription will automatically cancel. Or, if you buy 3 months, then the subscription will cancel after 3 months.

You can also add a free message card to your order so the person getting the box knows who thought of them.

Option 2 - Gift Cards

At our Gift Card shop you can buy £25, £70 or £280 gift cards that can be redeemed at as credit for a new subscription.

After buying a gift card you will receive an e-mail with a unique code which can be passed on to your chosen recipient.

To use the gift card, the recipient enters the unique code at checkout and the value of the gift card will be deducted from the cost of any subscription.

(IMPORTANT: Gin Explorer is a subscription service and the subscription will renew using the card details used to create the Gin Explorer account. If the recipient does not wish to continue, they need to cancel before their renewal date.)